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As the world welcomed in the year 2019 I was not expecting to be opening up my own Arts Center, but here I am 5 months later ready to do just that. My success in this community is because of the love and support of so many people. People like you looking for a safe place where their children can grow as both artists and young adults. My next quest, with all of you, will be as the director of a school where all art forms are taught and celebrated equally and every person is welcome.


This school offers classes for anybody at any level and pushes its students to follow their dreams. We are ready to hit the ground running and prepare for another show-stopping performance.

I want to personally invite each and every one of you to be the best that you can be as we step through the door that has just opened up for us.

Sincerely, Ms. Julie


Trust us, we have a plan...
...but first, let's get warmed up.

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