Virtual Lessons


Zoom Safety Precautions

 We have added extra security measures on LAFAs Zoom account, so each individual student has to be admitted into the Zoom Virtual Lesson by the host/teacher of the class in order to monitor who is coming and going. Please use either the student's full name or last name so we recognize who is logging on.

To access your class, please click the correct day below and you will be directed to LAFA's zoom link. If you are prompted to enter a passcode use: 5023849180. Thank you!


Helpful Hints for Virtual Lessons

  • Try to frame yourself on the screen for the teacher to be able to see and engage with you. 

  • Once the class has begun, mute your audio. This will allow you to hear the teacher.

  • Please log into class 5-10 minutes before your lesson, feel free to engage with your peers!

  • Try to find a large enough space to dance in with floors that are jump proof (concrete may not be the best option). If you have limited space or are unable to jump inform your teacher!

  • For ballet classes, students will need something to act as a ballet barre (a kitchen chair works just fine!) 


Alternatively, a portable ballet barre and a small dance floor for the home can be purchased from any of the following companies (but is not necessary):

STAGESTEP® Flooring Solutions -- Wall-Mounted Adjustable Ballet Barre

Harlequin Floors -- Home Studio Equipment

VITA VIBE -- Freestanding Ballet Barres