As active members of our city and community, Louisville Academy of Fine Arts stands with Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd Revolution for the intersectional liberation of all oppressed people and justice for Breonna Taylor.


Uninterrupted Classroom Creativity

As artists, we know this is a difficult time both for learning and creativity. For this reason, the Louisville Academy of Fine Arts is hosting Virtual Lessons to continue providing students with the opportunity for creative expression as well as help parents/guardians maintain a normal routine and structure at home.

All classes are being offered both in studio and via Zoom. Rehearsals will also be held both in studio and via Zoom in order for us to maintain social distancing while learning.


Classes can be taken via zoom daily, or for the entire semester. View the virtual lessons links, or our Healthy-At-Studio Guidelines. 


Virtual Lessons Links


To access your class, click on the correct day to access the link and log into zoom.

All Monday Classes

All Tuesday Classes

All Wednesday Classes

All Thursday Classes

All Saturday Classes

Be sure to give yourself enough time to access the correct link and login, classes will begin as scheduled.

Sometimes when coming into the classroom this way you will be prompted for a passcode. In this case, the passcode is always 5023849180.

Zoom Safety Precautions

I want you all to know that I have added extra security measures on my Zoom account, so each individual student has to be admitted into the Zoom Virtual Lesson by the host/teacher of the class. This will happen every single time a student comes to the class. This way we are monitoring who is coming and going. Please use either the student's full name or at least the last name on the device so we recognize who is logging on.

-- Ms. Julie


Helpful Hints for Virtual Lessons

Try to frame yourself on the screen for the teacher to be able to see them and what you are doing.

Once the class has begun, mute your audio. This will allow you to hear the teacher (and the music, if any).

For ballet classes, students need something to act as a ballet barre (a kitchen chair works just fine!) 


Alternatively, a portable ballet barre and a small dance floor for the home can be purchased from any of the following companies:

STAGESTEP® Flooring Solutions -- Wall-Mounted Adjustable Ballet Barre

Harlequin Floors -- Home Studio Equipment

VITA VIBE -- Freestanding Ballet Barres

For dance and drama classes, you should have a large amount of space for movement. Get creative, why not dance outside on a porch or deck?


You can join the Virtual Lessons early if you wish to talk with your classmates. The session is usually open about 5-10 minutes early for each class. Take this time to socialize with your peers. We know this is extremely important while you are unable to socialize in person.


For the dance classes please make sure whatever room you are taking the class in, that it is jump proof. If you would rather them not jump in the house, please make sure to notify the teacher or Ms. Julie

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